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We launch and shape transformative brands that embody honesty, optimism, and innovation.


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Today when someone encounters a brand story, they can ask about it, engage with it, publish their view of it, believe it, and buy it in mere minutes. This collapse of time, space and transparency requires new brand stewards, not just those who can articulate a brand’s unique essence, but ones who can bring that unique essence – that story – to life everywhere, both inside and outside the company. Activate’s capabilities offers clients a unique to approach the challenges of this connected world that taps into the moods and emotions to complement a brands encounter every time.


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Our clients are leading companies, organizations, philanthropies, tech innovators, universities, and social enterprises who address some of the toughest challenges of our time and champion those who have been left behind.

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Pepe Grabs spot as Finalist for PRNews

Denver, CO (March 6, 2015) – Activate Inc., a Denver-based marketing firm specializing in mood marketing and social impact campaigns, snagged a spot among the finalists for a Corporate Social Responsibility award bestowed annually by PR News. Activate landed the nomination in the Cause Branding Camp..

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Life on the other half of the World

An ancient culture which has evolved within the boundaries of an group of small island has produced a modern day society with such unique values, traditions and customs. Doing business in Japan can cause various cross cultural misunderstandings if you don’t do your homework. Its all about the ..

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Meet the Activators

Our tight-knit team of smart, creative experts collaborate closely with each other and with our clients. We are united as purpose-driven activators. We launch and shape transformative brands that embody honesty, optimism, and innovation.


Pamela Norton- Shepluk


Over the past 20 years, Pam has consistently proven herself as a savvy marketing veteran with the unique ability and vision to see her clients’ full potential. Her in-depth knowledge of sales and marketing was developed while working with some of the best known companies in the world, including United Airlines, AT&T, Delta Airlines, IBM and American Express. Her extensive career has seen her launch an internet services company and two different strategic branding agencies.

But all of these experiences left her longing for a new way to engage today’s consumers. Like other prominent advertising innovators, Pam had also noticed a change in how consumers were relating with brands. Product, price, placement and promotion were no longer enough to remain relevant in the evolving marketplace. The idea of “purpose” needed to be engrained into the core of a company and its brand’s proposition if they wanted to reach their goals and achieve greater profitability. It was this notion of adding purpose to a brand’s integrated marketing strategy and engaging and listening to customers through social media channels that gave birth to an idea she called “Activate.”

Today, Pam speaks, tweets and blogs as a thought leader on how “social sharing” compels all brands to be alert to their social responsibility. She is an active member of the Chamber of Commerce and the Colorado American Marketing Association, The Boys & Girls Club of Colorado and an active board member for Precious Child and Naya Life Foundation.

Pam holds a bachelor’s in business from Regis College in Denver and spent several years studying international relations at Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan. She loves sushi, her two children and is trying really, really hard to love camping for her wonderful, understanding husband.


Kristi Hamilton


Kristi is one of the most gifted – and genuinely pleasant – graphic designers/art directors you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting. She has an instinctive knack for making clients look good no matter who they are. Over the years she’s proved her immense talents through work she’s done for clients such as Hewlett-Packard, The Colorado Lottery, Carmel Valley Ranch, Denver Newspaper Agency, Red Rocks, BEA, NEXL, and Globus & Cosmos. Her professional experience in design has only served to solidify an already impressive graphic design and art direction portfolio including – but by no means limited to – logo and identity pieces, package design, print ads, posters, direct mail, collateral, point-of-sale and web design. There are very few brands around that wouldn’t benefit from Kristi’s seemingly magical touch.


Karl Glasgow


Karl is a bit of a rarity as far as programmers go. He is consistently able to produce quality work that’s always freakishly on-time and on-budget. Having worked on the interactive side of the travel, communications, health and publication industries, Karl offers a broad range of online application experience. Early on in his career he worked at eSoft as a technical liaison, a presenter at international conventions, and a director of both technical support and technical sales. Later, he headed up their handling facilities, inventory, production and support for the company’s new products. Karl’s also served as a web consultant and developer for the US Department of Transportation and the US Olympic Committee. An entrepreneur at heart, Karl even formed Envisionet, an Internet service provider (ISP), that provided upscale connectivity and supported residential and small business clients. If they handed out gold medals for programming, Karl would definitely win more than his fair share.


Elizabeth Wangler


Since the launch of her first business in grade school, Elizabeth has been a successful serial entrepreneur. Her most recent endeavor was founding and managing a Chicago-based agency that specialized in troubleshooting for consumer product manufacturers and sales promotion programs for B2B and B2C companies. For more than 25 years, the agency achieved measurable results for such prominent clients as: American Express, Home Depot, Lowes, GE Financial, USG and many others.

Elizabeth is one of those rare individuals that can seemingly use both the right and left sides of her brain, allowing her to be creative and analytical at the same time. She uses her remarkable vision as well as her wealth of experience in over 100 industries to uncover unique opportunities and insights. As a result, she’s often able to fuel growth by combining different business models and strategies from one industry and apply it to another in solving difficult communication problems.

Already an experienced leader, Elizabeth is also trained in using Krug’s methodology for Enlightened Leadership—a process to help teams discover their own unique leadership competencies and qualities essential to sustaining highperformance.

Elizabeth’s recent move to Boulder and Activate allows her to enjoy the great Colorado lifestyle as well as our shared values in helping socially conscious companies make a positive difference in the world. She’s an active participant in a number of causes related to homelessness, nature conservancy and sustainability.


Cara Dingenthal

Digital Marketing Specialist

While you can take the girl out of Texas, you can’t take the Texas out of Cara. Her infectious smile, sense of humor and exuberant enthusiasm are about as big as the Lone Star State itself. A perpetual organizer that borders on a disorder, Cara is never far from her handy notebook that features a checklist for everything that she does—and that’s a pretty long list. As Activate’s digital marketing specialist, Cara helps our clients and Activators with connections using the latest trends and tips from social media. She’s also quick to dive into updating project plans, amending budgets and keeping everyone on their toes. In college, she worked in event management and assisted in planning nonprofit luncheons, trade shows and conventions.

A recent graduate from the University of Arkansas with a bachelor’s in Human Science and Hospitality Management, Cara is always quick to make everyone feel comfortable in any setting. Never one to sit still, she volunteers her time with Young Life, Habitat for Humanity, her church and the American Red Cross.


Laura Kindegran

Senior Digital Strategist

Bio coming soon.


Pablo Lozano

Senior Designer

With nearly a decade of experience in advertising and print production, Pablo is a natural born designer who can create a logo, website, book, ad or any other form of visual communication you want to throw at him. He’s also fluent in Spanish and can occasionally be seen chatting with Gabi in their native tongue, leaving some of us to wonder what they’re talking about. Most recently, Pablo has worked with the University of Washington on an HIV awareness and education campaign aimed at the Hispanic market. He is a passionate supporter or PETA, St. Jude’s Hospital, the Humane Society and just about any nonprofit that supports animals or the disadvantaged. His hobbies include riding his snowboard, collecting design and art books, and cooking with “mucho sabor” (that’s “much flavor” for us gringos).

Before enrolling for his associate’s in graphic arts at Stevens-Henager College, he was self-taught by reading books, online tutorials, and on-the-job experience while living in his hometown of Tijuana, Mexico.


Gaby Ocampo-Winger

Senior Spanish Copywriter

A native Spanish speaker, Gaby is a Spanish language copywriter who amassed extensive agency experience working with the Latin American and the US Hispanic markets before moving to Denver. Her unique background allows her to create concepts and copy in Spanish, as well as to adapt messages that have been conceptualized in English to make them meaningful and culturally relevant to Spanish-speaking audiences. Her remarkable resume includes working as a copywriter in Costa Rica and with brands such as: Panasonic, Unilever, Honda, Suzuki, Taco Bell, Subway, KFC, Scotiabank, Red Cross, Taca Airlines, Chiquita, CenturyLink, Western Union, Target, and more. However, Gabi would argue her finest achievement is being a mom for her two adorable sons.

Gaby holds a bachelor’s in advertising from the Universidad Internacional de las Américas, San José, Costa Rica.


Cindy Cragg

Senior Digital Strategist

Digital communication in today’s multi-channel environment requires an understanding of the place where art and science intersect. Cindy doesn’t just know the way to this place, she lives there. Armed with a master’s degree in Communication with an emphasis in New Media and Internet Marketing from the University of Denver and nearly 20 years experience, Cindy is invested in being at the top of her field. From front-end web and social engagement to back-end SEO and PPC campaigns, Cindy works with our clients to elevate their digital branding by delivering measurable strategies and anticipating trends. Cindy claims she doesn’t think well sitting still. Good thing since these days she spends a lot of time chasing a very active (and super cute) toddler!

Cindy is also committed supporter of the Communications Council for Family Tree, a local nonprofit that works to prevent domestic violence, child abuse and homelessness in the Denver metro area.


Piper Vitale

Senior Designer

Compared to most designers, Piper offers a very unique background combined with her incredible versatility in working on a broad range of clients. She hails, most recently, from New York where she worked for Condé Nast Publications in the art department for Vanity Fair Magazine. Her impressive résumé also includes work on everything from catalogs to cookbooks to corporate communications marketing materials for such well-known companies as Bloomingdales, Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn and IBM. Having traveled extensively, she has lived in London, Boston, New York and San Francisco, but has finally returned to her home city of Denver.

Piper holds a bachelor’s in communications from Boston College and a bachelor of fine arts in graphic design from the California College of Arts & Crafts. When she’s not running around our offices, Piper enjoys running in marathons and around the tennis court.


Jeff Maciolek

Senior Writer

Never one to toot his own horn, Jeff’s offbeat sense of humor, flexibility and personality have been know to win more than a few people over. Originally from Boulder (but don’t hold that against him), Jeff has turned down jobs in Baltimore, Colorado Springs and Minneapolis to stay in the Denver area. His impressive portfolio consists of award-winning work for everything from fast food and fast cars, to financials and fun. Jeff’s lengthy list of clients includes: McDonald’s, the Colorado Lottery, Cadillac, Dreyfus Founders Funds, The Denver Newspaper Agency, Steamboat Resort, Park City Mountain Resort, Great-West Healthcare, Globus & Cosmos, Regis University and dozens more.

Jeff holds a bachelor’s in journalism from the University of Colorado. His hobbies include ice hockey, mentoring and teaching engaged couples, playing the drums at his church, and toddler wrangling.


Crystal Moruf

User Experience Designer

Crystal is a talented user experience designer who firmly believes that human-centered design is the key to successful products and services. She specializes in optimizing the user’s experience through clean, minimal, and dynamic design with clear content and easy navigation. She has experience creating user-centered designs and extensive experience marketing and planning events. She prides herself on her meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of her life, a trait that has contributed immensely to her success in marketing and events and now user experience design. Crystal was born in Trinidad and raised there until the age of 10 before migrating to Miami, where she spent most of her life. She graduated with a BBA in International Business and Marketing from Florida International University in Miami and currently resides in Denver.


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Activate is always looking for new opportunities to collaborate with partners where we can contribute in defining new ways to launch brands and social impact campaigns. Please contact us to discuss new opportunities for collaboration or to learn more about our capabilities.

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