Karl Glasgow

Posted By on Jul 13, 2015 |

Karl is a bit of a rarity as far as programmers go. He is consistently able to produce quality work that’s always freakishly on-time and on-budget. Having worked on the interactive side of the travel, communications, health and publication industries, Karl offers a broad range of online application experience. Early on in his career he worked at eSoft as a technical liaison, a presenter at international conventions, and a director of both technical support and technical sales. Later, he headed up their handling facilities, inventory, production and support for the company’s new products. Karl’s also served as a web consultant and developer for the US Department of Transportation and the US Olympic Committee. An entrepreneur at heart, Karl even formed Envisionet, an Internet service provider (ISP), that provided upscale connectivity and supported residential and small business clients. If they handed out gold medals for programming, Karl would definitely win more than his fair share.